The Liberty Cap Half Cent was minted carrying five dates, although coins bearing the final date were likely produced for several years following. The first coins dated 1793 had a mintage of 35,334 and were heavily circulated. The coins were released into circulation in three batches occurring on July 20, the following week, and September 18 before production was suspended for the remainder of the year.

1794 Liberty Cap Half Cent

In the following year, the obverse design of the coin underwent a modification by the new U.S. Mint engraver Robert Scot. The modified obverse featured Liberty facing right, instead of left, with additional changes to details in the hair and face. Coins were produced in higher numbers for the following two years before dropping to a scant 1,390 pieces for the 1796 Liberty Cap Half Cent. The mintage would rebound in the final year.

Liberty Cap Half Cent Mintages:

Liberty Facing LeftMintage

Liberty Facing RightMintage