1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent

First year of federal coinage for circulation at a large scale was limited to half cents with the Liberty Cap design and cents with the Flowing Hair design.

The mintage of the 1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent was relatively high at 35,334. According to Walter Breen the total mintage was divided into three different deliveries. The first half cents were delivered on July 20, totaling to approximately 7,000 pieces. The next week, the Mint released another batch of 24,934. After that point, it appears that the Mint had run out of planchets, causing a halt in the production of half cents. On September 18, a final 3,400 pieces were delivered, shortly before the Mint closed down due to the annual yellow fever epidemic.

The 1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent was much needed in commerce and circulated heavily. This leaves most surviving examples well-worn, damaged, and often corroded. Some Mint State examples exist, apparently saved as souvenirs. These are very much in demand for high grade type sets, and auction appearances are rare. Some gems exist, but these have not appeared at the market for many years, making the population reports somewhat unreliable. It would appear that no more than one or two true gems exist, at most.